Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Zune MP3 Player Versus The Leading iPod

Thursday, April 28, 2011
It is not a surprise that a lot of people in our society don't even know what a Zune is, and there is one answer. Advertisement, Microsoft has done a horrible job of advertising their product. Even commercials, they tried to make the Zune seem so mysterious, but in reality, it just turned people off.

I can understand wanting to hide such a movie like Hancock, or The Happening, something where giving away the plot or story might ruin the whole movie, but there is absolutely no point in not throwing the Zune right in peoples faces so that they aren't just looking at the iPod.

Thats one reason why the Apple is far ahead of Microsoft's game. This also applies to Windows and MAC, you never see any advertising on Windows, now do you? Next thing you know, the MAC will be the mainly used computer for all of the United States, something I thought never would happen.

But, lets get down to business. The Zune MP3 Player, is actually a very nice mp3 player when comparing it to the iPod. Of course, any arguments that you here are generally from someone with an iPod, doesn't know what the Zune is, or even looks like for that matter. Point in case, people believe what other people say way too easily.

Do your research, and if your reading this article, I've done it for you. The Zune often gets better ratings than the iPod when it comes to being an mp3 player, unforunately due to the marketing ability of Microsoft to show people the Zune, half of the world doesn't know what the thing is.


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